Whole Body Cleansing and Wellness, Your Cleansing Specialists!

Whole Body Cleansing and Wellness was created to help guide those individuals through the cleansing process, as well as providing safer and more effective options for over all health and wellness. From constipation to cancer, we cover it all. And we say all, we sincerely mean all. There isn’t one person that walks through our doors that we don’t feel we can help.

Call today and set up a consultation. We also service out of state individuals.

There is so much information out there regarding cleansing and nutrition, it’s nice to have people who have not only been through the process themselves, but who have trained with those who pioneered the way. Our desire is to help individuals have a pleasant experience by educating them on what to expect and how to make the most out of the process. We have created an environment that is inviting and soothing as well as conducive to each step along the way. We have a cliental that is almost balanced with men and women. The Colonhydrotherpy system we use is called the Libbe. It’s private and comfortable.

We also have a whole host of other services, take some time to read through the information and feel free to contact us with any questions.

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