Cleansing VS. Detoxing

Many people use the word cleansing and detoxing interchangeably, when in fact they are quite different. Cleansing can be any type of dietary change, to eating program that improves the diet beyond what the person is currently eating. It can be juice fasting, green smoothie feasting, water fasting, to going vegan for a while. Cleansing involves not only dietary improvements, but opening up the eliminative channels as well, such as the colon, kidneys, lungs, and kidneys. Liver and lymph also provided benefit to assist in the cleansing process. But what’s the point of cleansing? And why do people cleanse. From my experience why people cleanse and what they believe they are benefiting from cleansing can be two very different answers.

Many people cleanse because they believe they are relieving their bodies of stored toxicity. But an in depth look would have one realizing that to truly detox, it requires more than just improving ones diet. I have spent years being exposed to the “latest and greatest” cleansing and detox programs. From the green smoothie fast, to the alkaline movement I myself have gone up and down in search of the holy grail of all cleanses and detox programs.

I’ve learned some valuable lessons along the way though. And differentiating the difference between detoxing and cleansing may just be one of the greatest of them.

So, if cleansing is what I referred to above, then what is detoxing? To truly detox, it must not only include detoxing at the cellular level, but it must incorporate a binder. Something that will bind the toxins. Dr. Daniel Pompa has a lot of great information in his desire to help people detox at the cellular level, and I like how he refers to detoxing down stream as apposed to upstream. When he says detoxing down stream, he’s referring to the digestive tract. Upstream is when we go further in to the cell and ultimately the brain. When we use a binder digestively, it doesn’t mean it can detox cellularly. There are very few effective binders.

For the digestive tract, There is a powerful program that not only supports the liver but uses some very potent and active ingredients to bind toxins downstream. When you want to go in to the cell and ultimately the brain, there are even fewer binders that are effective enough to elicit lasting results. DMSA is one of them, and a specialize zeolite.

Dr. Pompa states, “If you don’t detox the cell, you will never get well.”

We agree, and we also feel it’s important that people not only cleanse, but that they detox properly to achieve the greatest results.