About Mia Magistro

My name is Mia Magistro, and I am the founder of Whole Body Cleansing and Wellness. My journey started years ago and continues to this day to help spread the message of healing and wellness. It all began when I was around the age of 25. I remember noticing one day that the texture of my hair completely changed. It almost felt as if it had died. When I tried to explain to people what was going on, the best explanation I received was, “Well Mia, it’s just part of the aging process.” Serious? Just part of the aging process. “But I’m only 25,” I thought.

This would be the beginning of an entire list of symptoms I would become all too familiar with. When I turned 26 things began going down hill quickly. I became extremely fatigued. My body ached all the time. I was always cold and my memory began to be noticeably affected. I felt like my body was aging rapidly and there was nothing I could do to stop it. I had irritating symptoms that would develop over the next year;  nausea, digestive problems, hair loss, hair changing texture, panic attacks, emotional roller coaster, sensitive teeth, sleeping all the time, insomnia, weight gain, weight loss, skin eruptions, irregular period, hormonal imbalance, depression, and the list literally goes on. I tried to explain to others what I was experiencing, but I felt like no one understood. I got comments like, “you just need to go out side and get some fresh air, or make new friends:) I was eventually diagnosed with adrenal fatigue, Hashimoto’s hypothyroid, malabsorption, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, and other labels that a number of Doctors could tell me.  What I eventually came to realize is that the body can heal itself.  It just took time to put the pieces together.

Colonics or colon hydrotherapy was a big part of that journey. A huge part of it, but not the cure all. I did several sessions over a three month period. The misleading information out there about colonics is that you can come in for one session and be cleaned out of years of toxicity. There’s a misleading idea that a colonic will reverse damage and neglect that has been created over decades of abuse. Our approach is to cleanse and rebuild.  With the proper cleansing of the body, along with the precise  nutrition, organ cleansing, and detoxing, the body can and will heal itself.  Through my journey, I found tools and resources that were life changing for me, and that’s what inspired the start of Whole Body Cleansing & Wellness.  We hope the information you find here helps in your journey and look forward to being a part of that process.

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