About Mia Magistro

My name is Mia Magistro, and I am the founder of Whole Body Cleansing and Wellness. My journey started roughly 8 years ago and continues to this day to help spread the message of healing and wellness. It all began when I was around the age of 25. I remember noticing one day that the texture of my hair completely changed. It almost felt as if it had died. When I tried to explain to people what was going on, the best explanation I received was, “Well Mia, it’s just part of the aging process.” Serious? Just part of the aging process. “But I’m only 25,” I thought.

This would be the beginning of an entire list of symptoms I would become all too familiar with. When I turned 26 things began going down hill quickly. I became extremely fatigued. My body ached all the time. I was always cold and my memory began to deteriorate. I felt like my body was aging rapidly and there was nothing I could do to stop it. I had irritating symptoms that would develop over the next year; constant burping, nausea, digestive problems, extreme hair loss, hair changing texture, panic attacks, emotional roller coaster, suicidal, sensitive teeth, receding gum lines, sleeping all the time, insomnia, weight gain, weight loss, skin eruptions, irregular period, early menopause, depression, vitiligo, and the list literally goes on. I tried to explain to others what I was experiencing, but I felt like no one understood. I got comments like, “you just need to go out side and get some fresh air, or make new friends:) I was eventually diagnosed with adrenal fatigue, Hashimotos hypothyroid, malabsorption, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, and other labels for a set of symptoms that various Doctors could come up with.

I wish it would have been that easy to get better, but it wasn’t. I had feelings of bitterness, why me, what’s happening, and not wanting to live another 30 years in this body, let alone another year. The unnerving thing was, that no one seemed to understand. Not even the doctors I went to. I even had a doctor that told me to “quit reading the damn internet.” Only to turn around and put me on a handful of medications with list of unfavorable symptoms that sometimes out weighed the originals symptoms I originally got on them for. After a few months of the runaround, I given a book called, “Patient Heal Thyself.” This book would change my life forever. It didn’t answer every question, but it was the beginning to a glimpse of hope for recovery. It was a story of a man who had crones disease and healed himself through diet and lifestyle changes. I quickly eliminated all sugar, dairy, and wheat out of my diet and after a month or two saw some improvement. Colonics were only a part of it. A huge part of it, but not the cure all. I did roughly 30-40 sessions over a three month period. The misleading information out there about colonics is that you can come in for one session and be cleaned out of years of toxicity. There’s a misleading idea that a colonic will reverse damage and neglect that has been created over decades of abuse. We live in a time where if you want a higher quality of life, you’re going to have to fight for it. You’re going to have to sacrifice in ways that you never have before. I have spent the last 8 years trying to figure things out. There is not only a physical approach one must take, but an emotional and spiritual one as well. Our society is getting a crash course in shifting our values and perspective in a way that it never has before. We have been a society of consumers. We have valued expensive houses and cars more than our bodies. There are some things I have been able to become more aware of through this process, and although painful awarenesses, I know they will elevate me to a new spiritual level. I treasure the lessons and knowledge I’ve been able to learn throughout all this. I am grateful for the change in perspective I’ve been able to gain. And, although I feel as if some of my youth was taken, I wouldn’t trade what I’ve gone through.

My journey was slow as I tried to put all the pieces together. I found an integrated doctor who did some blood testing and told me I had hormone levels of an 80-90 year old. My adrenals were shot and my thyroid was lower than anyone he had ever worked with in the 30 years he was in practice. This was even a bigger motivator to keep going. The information on this website is the result of years of research and piecing together the pieces to the puzzle. The body can heal itself. It is a miraculous vessel with a system that needs particular attention. I hope this website give you a piece to your puzzle. Remember, not ONE person you talk to will ever have ALL the answers to your health ailments, but they will give you pieces for you to put together. The feelings that I tried to look for were peace. When I would read something, or talk to someone I would recognize whether or not it brought me peace, rang true, or felt right. That’s the direction I would go in, even if it didn’t give total answers, it always led me to the next piece.