Colon Hydrotherapy

If you’re new to colon therapy, you’ve come to the right place. There is so much mis information out on the net, that we hope to provide you with some solid information that not only answers questions you may have, but also move you in the direction of taking the first step to bettering your health.

Colon Hydrotherapy or Colonics is a gentle method of cleansing the large intestine. The systems we use (The LIBBEE) does this by gently inserting warm water in to the lower bowel and involves a natural method of eliminating the waste.

Our colon is our main organ of elimination. It takes a lot of stress from our lifestyles, diet and the upper organs that may not be functioning very efficiently. It also bares the load when our other eliminative organs are functioning at their maximum potential. Which answers the first question we often get asked, which is, how do I know I need a colonic? Or what is the benefit of doing colonics?

How do I know I need a colonic?

One of the most frequently asked questions, and one that we cannot not do justice by merely explaining the importance of incorporating colonics in to ones life. If you are constipated, suffer gas, bloating or digestive discomfort, colonics may be a life line for you. If you are transitioning to a cleaner diet or you are on any type of cleanse, such as; juice fast, master cleanse, liver cleanse, vegan diet, kept or paleo diet, then colon therapy can help you. When one is on a cleanse, the main goal is to eliminate waste. We can’t tell you how often we get people that come in on the 9th day of their juice fast and let us know they have not eliminated yet. Eeeeekkk!!! Not good. Although a person may be feeling better, all that toxicity will have to find a new home once solids are introduced.

How many sessions will I need?

This is probably THE most frequently asked question we get, and we wish we had a magic ball that could tell us that magic number:). Often times people who are unaware of what colon therapy is, think that 1 session is all they need. And that couldn’t be further from the truth. One session is a good start. But, unfortunately, your first session is often times the least productive, and often times most uncomfortable session. Your colon is like any other muscle, and it requires time to build strength. With that built strength comes better releases, and easier sessions. We have found that it takes anywhere from 9-15 sessions before people can come in for single sessions and understand the power that colonics can bring to their life. Once you’ve built that foundation, then you can come in for single sessions and those sessions will be amazing. By amazing we mean, you will feel like they were worth your time, money and you will leave feeling better than when you came. Remember, once you build that foundation, then come in for single sessions. Typically what we tell people is, “The first 9-15 sessions, we are the ones telling you when to come in, after that, you are telling us.”

How far apart should I do my sessions?

This can depend on time, finances, level of health and what you are wanting to achieve. We recommend that your first 9-15 sessions are done no longer than a week apart. Some individuals do those initial sessions as often as 2 and 3 times a week. Remember, you are building that muscle, after which you can back off. In the beginning, when you are trying to build strength, and your body is releasing a lot of toxicity, you will feel almost dependent on your sessions. The stronger the colon, the LESS dependent you will feel.

Can a person become dependent on these?

As stated above, in the beginning it may FEEL like you are because a toxic, weak system will release quicker than the body can get it out. So, you almost may feel like you only feel good when you are doing your sessions frequently. Over time, as that muscle strengthens and your system is working better, you will feel like you need them less and less. So, don’t confuse your body releasing large amounts of toxicity, and helping it with that with becoming dependent on your sessions.

I’ve heard some people don’t have a bowel movement 24-72 hours after their sessions?

When an individual begins doing colonics, they may go 24-72 after their session without having a bowel movement. During your sessions, you may be releasing multiple bowel movements. It takes transit time for food to go through the system through the process of absorption and elimination. When a system is sluggish after a colonic, it can be indicative of a sluggish system, as well as their diet may be slowing things down. Over time, as the system strengthens, people often report that they are more regular. A great indicator that the system is strengthening.

How do I best Prepare?

Eliminating dairy, meat, and inflammatory foods from the diet 1-3 days before your session is key.

How do I MAXIMIZE my sessions?

One of the very best ways to maximize your sessions is to take a binder. What we mean by a binder, is something that actually binds to the toxicity. Cleansing and detoxing are two different beasts. One of our favorite binders is Bentonite Clay. Taking a couple of ounces daily 3 days before your session will actually illicit better releases. Check out our store for this clay!

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