Liver Cleansing is the most important type of cleansing you can do for your over all health. Read the following information, and then click on this link to find detailed instructions on how Whole Body Cleansing & Wellness guides people through a liver cleanse.

Liver Cleanse Instructions

Whole Body Cleansing & Wellness believes that there are two keys to assisting the body in healing itself, and that is to cleanse and rebuild. Two of the most important organs in the body in terms of cleansing & detoxifying are the colon and the liver. Too often when people come in and are looking for answers to their health issues, there’s a lack of understanding as to how long it takes for the body to go through the process of repairing itself. It is not a secret that most people are looking for a magic pill or potion to resolve their issues. Unfortunately, the body doesn’t work this way. It takes 120 days for the body to build new blood. So, every thing you do during that time will either greatly benefit your health or destroy it. Our signature cleanse focuses on cleansing the liver, which in turn affects the ENTIRE body. Although the traditional medical model denies the presence of stones in the liver, through various autopsies, it is proven that they in fact are very present. Your liver can hold thousands and thousands of stones. During each liver cleanse, if proper preparation is taken place, a person can release roughly 4-6 hundred stones. Andreas Moritz, who is an expert in liver cleansing recommend that a person CONSISTENTLY completes a liver cleanse once a month until they don’t pass any stones for 2 liver cleanses. The actual liver cleanse we use was created by a company called True2Life. True2Life is a company dedicated to helping individuals increase the quality of their life. Their lab results, regarding the stones released during a liver cleanse, showed the following.


True2Life Lab Results

The test results from the liver and bile stones passed by people on our product were provided by a labratory that performs soil analysis via F.D.A. standards and guidelines. The results speak for themselves.

So far:

100% of the stones contain So4, a by-product of fossil fuel and biomass combustion. This is very acidic and may potentially lead to major ph changes!

100% of the stones contain sulfide a component of “mustard gas”, industrial chemicals dyes and solvents…can be very acidic and is a major corrosive! Sulfate-reducing bacteria produce hydrogen sulfide and this is a metallic and non-metallic corrosive!

70% of stones contain both flouride and nitrates. Click on the links below and decide if these potential carcinogens are something you would rather have inside or outside your body!

40% of stones contained mercury. Do we even have to mention how dangerous this substance is? If your not sure, just click a link in the chart above!

Logically, if these are found in a solid aggregate space-occupying lesion in the liver-bile system, we must conclude that there was a great deal in circulation to produce this. This implies alteration of bloodstream ph and this is further evidenced by the calcium content of the stones. Calcium is used by the body to neutralize excess acidity … thus the stones are now basic based on the calcium content!

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