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Listen – we know you have tried everything. We know you have exhausted your resources, or you wouldn’t even be looking at this. We know that you have potentially spent thousands of dollars trying to figure out why your hair has been thinning, even to the point of baldness.

What we have is a revolutionary system that has only been on the market since 2014. And we have the clinical results to back it up.

In your research, have you come across any 100% safe, all-natural products that were backed-up by clinical studies that were conducted at top manufacturing and research centers? Have you come across any safe, 100% all-natural products that were backed up by real people that got real results?

We didn’t think so.

The examiners within these facilities were genuinely there to understand the principles behind your hair and hair-product interaction.

One of the formulas developed through these studies is a combination of oils that actually mimmicks natural human and human hair oil production. These studies were centered around understanding the effects of naturally-occurring compounds on reversing hair loss. The results exceeded the expectations of the studies.

Most hair loss products leave you searching for the next product within days to weeks due to disappointing results. This happens because these products tend to coat the hair with synthetics (creating a ‘manufactured’ result) rather than feed, and nourish the structures and mechanisms that facilitate hair growth.

Bottom-line is that leading to each tiny hair root is an extremely small artery and vein.

If the link between the hair follicle and these nutrient-delivery systems is distrupted, you will have a very difficult time growing hair, – despite having a good diet and supplementing.

Hair follicles are very sensitive and in the event of hair loss, may require direct application of targeted nutrients and catalysts.

This revolutionary protocol does not use synthetics, but rather a blend of extremely powerful, and targeted, rare-earth oils that stimulate new hair growth by improving the the bio-chemical functioning and structure of hair follicles.

Never before has such a targeted, and natural approach, to hair loss been so easily available – until now.

Hair has represented a number of things over the centuries. From beauty to status it has stood as a possession to be coveted by many. For the 6 million women and roughly 8 million men, their desire is to just hang on to every strand they can, as it feels as if more is falling out than hanging around. Hair not only adds aesthetic beauty to our physic, but it also can tell us what’s going on inside our bodies.

How much would you spend to get your hair back? 100 dollars? 500? 5000? If I told you that for less than 4 dollars a day you could have the hair you’ve always dreamed of, would you believe me? Well, a year ago, I might have said there’s no way, but now I’m 100% confident that you and anyone you know can improve the quality of their hair, and scalp no matter what condition they have. Yes, that’s right NO MATTER what condition they have.

Why are you losing hair?

To understand why you are losing hair, you must first understand the anatomy of your hair and scalp. Without this understanding, it’s difficult to understand what causes hair loss.

First, each and every hair follicle has its very own tiny vein and artery. Arteries bring nutrients to the follicle and hair root, while veins take away waste and debris. You could be on the perfect diet and still have hair loss. Why? Because, no amount of nutrition is going help your hair if it can’t get to it!

4 causes of hair loss

Did you know, there are four main causes of hair loss?

More and more people are becoming aware of the fact that in order to heal, one must take an wholistic approach to health. Fragmentation in health protocols and nutrition leads to unpredictable results. Hence, it would not make sense to focus on just one cause of hair loss but it makes sense to focus on addressing all four causes at once. There has been extensive research and clinical trials to find an answer to each cause:

1. DHT Hormone

DHT is created from the testosterone hormone. When DHT is converted to testosterone, it will often restrict blood flow (in micro-fine arteries in particular) – which leads to a lack in oxygen, nutrient, vitamin and mineral delivery to the body’s tissues.

Solution: Procataline. Clinical studies performed by TRI Princeton have revealed that Procataline works to reduce DHT production – thereby increasing oxygen and nutrient delivery to hair roots.

2. Chronic Inflammation

Ironically, inflammation is a useful, natural biological response to injury or poor health. It’s the body’s way of trying to deliver more blood and nutrition to the affected area. This can lead to a greater amount of sebum (oil produced by the skin) on the scalp. However well-intentioned inflammation is, the body ends up hurting itself when the inflammation becomes chronic and is not solving the issue at-hand.

Solution: Capixyl. Capixyl is key to to maintaining a hydrated, healthy scalp through reducing inflammatory conditions – thereby aiding in regrowth! In fact, Capixyl is so powerful it can facilitate the conditions necessary for thicker, stronger and healthier hair growth.

3. Oxidative Stress

As our hair follicles and scalp age, they also deal with external factors and stress that lead to impaired hair growth and even damage to DNA itself. Everything from sunlight exposure, environmental pollutants to chemical processing can contribute to Oxidative Stress.

Solution: Crodasorb. Crodasorb acts as a shield against external pollutants and even sunlight. It increases the longevity of natural pigment – and even allows for artificial hair coloring to last longer. In short, it ‘absorbs’ the negative effects of these external influences, so your hair doesn’t have to.

4. Free radical damage

Free radicals are a byproducts of normal, everyday cell function. Free radicals are unstable oxygen molecules. These molecules have a free electron that is not in use, leading to a molecular state that is highly unstable and destructive to tissues and DNA. Free radicals are not picky – they will bond to nearby molecules – disrupting DNA sequencing and other biological processes. Among other things, this can lead to damaged hair follicles and a significant decrease in oil production of the body.

Solution: Rare Earth Oils. Skin produces oil for a reason. It protects, moisturizes and facilities healing. As we age, oil glands shrink. Topical application of botanical oils, scientifically-researched and clinically-verified to mimic the body’s natural oils, can stabilize molecules and repair problems with respect to the metabolic functioning of DNA. These proprietary oils also boost metabolism and bring the body’s natural oil production mechanisms into balance.

Traditional Hair-Loss Treatment Options Are Damaging And Out-dated

With our proprietary systems, you can be assured you are getting the best that science has to offer.
Start where you are able. Although you can add on products to maximize your results, you can see results even with the 2 in 1 Shampoo and Conditioner.

Certain types of ethnic hair that is deprived of the right nutrients and oils will inevitably deteriorate into a knotted, difficult-to-manage mess. Restoring these missing ingredients will restore the hair’s ability to balance itself and shine in all its beauty!

Online research for hair loss treatments yields a myriad of options in two main categories: chemical and natural. Most chemically-based options contain an ingredient called minoxidil or another toxic cocktail with side effects ranging from unwanted hair growth to blindness. These side effects are sometimes worse than the hair loss itself.

Chemical treatments can be extremely irritating (not to mention destructive) to the scalp and when a person stops the treatment, they report losing hair rapidly, reversing their achieved results. The treatments frequently leave an unfavorable residue – following you day and night. Because the ingredients are toxic to your body, you are left not knowing what negative side effects you may experience next.

On the other end of the spectrum, we have the “all natural” hair treatments. The problem with this particualar category, is mainly that there’s not enough scientific evidence to back up the product – meaning, there’s not enough results. They might claim hair regrowth, but many overpromise and underdeliver. Although they are safer than chemical alternatives, you are left discouraged from lack of results.

You get companies offering everything from tonics to supplements, but they don’t contain the clinical studies necessary to really address the causes of hair loss. For example, supplementation for hair health is critical, but if the follicle is dormant or damaged, you can have the best nutrients, but your hair won’t receive it.

It’s like feeding a baby through a bottle with a plugged hole. That bottle may contain essential nutrients within it, but if the hole is plugged that baby will never receive it.

Did you know that nearly all mainstream haircare methods contain the following ingredients?

  • Parabens – may be linked to chronic disorders
  • Sulfates – skin and scalp irritant
  • DEA/MEA – skin and eyes irritant and may be linked to chronic disorders
  • Phthalates – prolonged exposure may be toxic
  • PEG – can be linked to negative chronic conditions
  • Phenoxyethanol – skin and eyes irritant
  • Ethanol – may cause hair to dry, frizz and damage
  • Petrochemicals – can coat hair roots and shaft, leading to moisture loss and shaft suffocation
  • Glutens – can cause allergic reactions to sensitive individuals
  • Sodium Chloride – can build up in tissues, leading to toxicity
  • Harsh Salt Systems – can cause dehydration and dryness
  • Harmful Colors – can be toxic to skin and scalp and linked to chronic disorders
  • Harmful Fragrances – can be irritating and linked to chronic disease

Our products contain absolutely none of these harmful substances

Until now, there has never been a protocol that is truly 100% safe for your hair and scalp, as well as address all four types of hair loss, feeds and nourishes the hair and improves EVERY single hair condition you may have. You WILL see results with our formulas, and 95% of the people who use them see a difference in the overall quality of their hair after just one use. We have a 30 day money back guarantee, and on top of that, we guarantee results over 90 days. You truly have nothing to lose.

Look, we know that hair loss is not only a physical issue, it can be an extremely emotional issue as well. The emotional trauma that hair loss causes can be absolutely debilitating to one’s self esteem. It can cripple your confidence and hinder your social progression. It can leave you feeling hopeless, lonely and depressed. No one should ever have to feel this way when it comes to their hair. Combined, we have have experienced everything you’re going through, and understand how frustrating it can be to sift through all the information and products available. We sincerely care about your hair and want you to know that you can genuinely stop looking.