General Directions

Clay Treatment and Moisture Matte

For pimples, blemishes, cysts, blackheads, ingrown hairs, razor burn, etc.

Correct and Incorrect Application Picture


1. To clear your skin of pimples. During the initial clearing phase use a full facial mask 1-2 times per day, every day until clear. This can take 1-6 weeks depending on the severity of the condition. Remove mask when dry (5-10 minutes) with warm water.

  • Facial mask should be thin, almost translucent: A thick mask won’t absorb more than a thin mask. Apply a thin mask often and don’t forget to moisturize after each mask. (A dry mask should seem dusty without cracking in the clay and come off easily) If skin is feeling overly dry, you may be leaving the mask on too long.
  • Always follow a full mask with a moisturizer: Our organic aloe-based Moisture Matte or Healing Serum are oil-free, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and will hydrate your skin, minimizing redness and swelling from pimples while adding the nutrients taht help the natural healing process.
  • Do not skip days during the initial clearing phase or clogs (piple seeds) can remain and new pimples will appear during your next pimple cycle, in about 3 weeks. Full facial masking will absorb pimple causing clogs and impurities as well as infuse minerals that minimize oil (sebum) production, inflammation, redness and bacterial growth.

2. To spot treat individual pimples: Spot treat as often as needed. The earlier, the better. You can spot treat overnight and several times a day. Remove when dry or convenient. Spot treatments can be thicker than the mask. Wait at least an hour between spot treatments.

  • Scar prevention and pimple extraction: After pimple extractions, allow 10 minutes before applying a spot treatment. Spot treat the extraction point several times a day and sleep with the spot treatment on the infected area. This will absorb remaining liquids and help close the opening, therby minimizing potential scarring.
  • Gradually decrease use as your complexion improves. Infusing minerals plays a large role in preventing the return of problem skin. Masking will need to be done a few times per week, long-term, to keep clogs away and oil production to a minimum. Lerosett is organic and safe to use every day long term. Your skin will stay clear, pores become less visible, your skin will be healthier and smoother.
  • Purging: Purging is when the skin gets worse before it gets better. In 10-15% of cases or for those with deep pimples, excessive impurities that lay deep in the follicle will be drawn out with the initial use. This causes what may appear to be more pimples. This is not the case. Purging is a good thing but it can last a week or more. DO NOT QUIT WHEN PURGING.
  • Purging is a necessary step for many and often the reason acne products were not effective in the past, because they never purged. These impurities must be removed for the skin to be able to breath and be able to clear. With every day use, you WILL reach a clear point, and this is a fact. To speed the process and increase effectiveness you may need to add the LEROSETT OTC Acne Face Wash or Clear Point All Natural Clear Skin supplements.
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