Medical Grade Organic Aloe & Clay Based Acne Products

FDA Approved Organic Acne Products Based On Greenhouse Grown Hydroponic whole Aloe Leaf

These aloe and clay based products are anti-inflammatory & anti-microbial; they contain 9 vitamins, 9 minerals, 20 amino acids & 8 enzymes, in fact, it’s a natural antiseptic. Aloe gives the skin the building blocks to repair itself.

So How Does This All Work???

acneThere is a miracle that happens when you take a clay that is 100% negatively charged. It has to be clay with a negative charge to actually illicit the results we are talking about. Everything harmful in the body has a positive charge. Bacteria, mold, candida, acne, parasites, heavy metals etc. When you put a highly micronized, negatively charged clay on acne or problematic skin, it attracts everything positively charged and pulls it to the surface. This helps to clean out the pore and restore health to the epidermis. Once the infection is pulled to the surface, a hydroponic aloe based moisturizer is used to speed the healing process and reduce any redness or inflammation.

This organic clay treatment is used by thousands of estheticians around the world. It is a rare medical grade organic acne brand respected by skin care professionals for over 28 years.

The results will astound you. Whether you have mild or severe acne, you will be so pleased with the results. It is absolutely our favorite acne care treatment system.

4314463_origIt doesn’t matter if you’ve had acne for years, how severe it is, or if you just started developing onset adult acne. This system will change your skin in ways you may never experienced. Options for Acne treatments can be harsh, expensive and often times results are short lived. This system will treat your acne at the root source.

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