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What are colonics or what is colon hydrotherapy?

Colonic, or colon hydrotherapy, is a method by which purified and filtered water is gently inserted into the colon via a tube where waste and toxins are flushed out.

When coming to Whole Body Cleansing for your first Colon Hydrotherapy session, it is important to know the Colonic will only reach the large intestine which is roughly 5 feet long. The Colonic does not cleanse the small intestine due to a valve that separates the small intestine from the large intestine preventing the water from the colonic to reach any further.

Why do people get colonics?

Every individual is different as to why they start looking in to colon hydrotherapy. 90% of the time, people do colonics because they are looking for an alternative to help alleviate certain unfavorable health symptoms. Whether it be constipation or something more serious, colonics are a great addition to any dietary or lifestyle changes one is making. It’s like going to the gym for your colon.

What is the benefit of colon hydrotherapy?

The benefits of colon hydrotherapy are endless. But some of the benefits that have been reported by others are: Improved digestion, relief of gas, bloating and constipation, improved skin, and hair, overall better quality of life, increased energy, deeper sleep, whiter eyes, more stamina, weight loss, improved organ function. If you want more medical backing in to the benefits of colonics, go to our Articles/Videos page to view further support.

How many sessions will I need?

More than not, people are misinformed when it comes to quality information on colonics. They think that one session is going to dramatically change their lives. What we tell them here, is that you would never go to the gym one time and leave saying, “That didn’t work, I didn’t lose and weight and I don’t see any improved muscle definition.”

Your colon is like any other muscle and it takes a combination of dietary changes and lifestyle changes to see dramatic improvement. You need to realize that if you are suffering from major illnesses, that it has been years in the making. One session is not going to touch what you’re going through long term. We’ve counseled with many Naturopathic Dr.’s who say that you should do one colonic for every year you’ve been alive. If it is your first time, a minimum of 9-12 is key for optimal results. Check out the following article that describes a colon changing shape after a series of cleansing.

How many sessions does a person typically need?

The amount of sessions you do is dependent on 3 things; Time, Finances, and Level of Health. A persons time frame and financial situation are the two biggest determining factors as to how many sessions a person typically does. We recommend 9-12 sessions between a 4-6 week period. Typically between the first to 9th session clients are asking us when they should come back. After 12 sessions, they are the ones telling us when they want to come back.

Will I get dependent on colonics?

Colon Hydrotherapy actually improves the function of your colon, so if anything you will become less dependent over time. Many people reason out in there minds that they will become dependent on them, because they feel better when they are doing them. That is like saying, “If I go to the gym, I might become dependent on it.” There are many ways you can look at this question. The best approach, is make sure you are educated. Talk to your colon therapist before you believe everything your co workers, friends, and family have to say about them. Chances are they’ve never done one. To this day, there has never been one person who has done an extensive series of colonics that would say it didn’t in some way change their lives.

Is it true that colonics flush out all your good bacteria?

This is a false statement. Colonics do not flush out all your good bacteria. If that were true, then, every time you drank water you would be flushing out all your good bacteria. It is one of the most common myths circulating amongst individuals who have never even done a colonic. A colonic only reaches 5 feet of your 30 feet of intestinal tract. Many people who are concerned about a colonic flushing out all their good bacteria have also taken antibiotics throughout their lives but don’t realize that antibiotics can be very damaging to the entire intestinal tract. There has never been any research supporting the elimination of the good bacteria. If any thing it cleanse up the environment so that good bacteria can survive.

How come I’m not having bowel movements 24-72 hours after my colonic?

It’s very common for an individual not to have a bowel movement 24-72 hours after a session. The transit time for food to travel through the digestive tract can take 24 plus hours. When you do a colonic, you not only clean out old fecal matter, but what you would have released that or the next day as well. Give your body time to go through this process without getting frustrated that you’re not having bowel movements in between sessions. It is not the colonic itself, but rather the process and partly a congested colon.

How do I best prepare for a colonic

Check out our “How To Prepare Page

How long does a session last?

Every colon therapist is different, but they typically run anywhere from 35-45 minutes. Just like other muscles, you don’t want to over work the colon. It needs time to rest and rebuild. Proper dietary guidelines after your session will help to improve the recovery time.

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