Some of the best blenders we’ve found are the Vita Mix and Blendtec. It is more of a preference when it comes to either one. You can find both blenders on Amazon.


The more affordable end is the Breville. They run roughly $100-$200 brand new. Easy to use and easy to clean. You can find this on Amazon.

Glass Straws

We are obsessed with our glass straws. They actually help you to drink more water. Try it for yourself, it’s true. We love them for green smoothies, as it helps to eliminate the mess. We can’t live without them, and we’re confident once you try them you won’t either.

Nut milk Bags

Our nut milk bags are great for making all types of Nut milks. From almond milk to hazelnut. It will eliminate the pulp and leave you with a smooth delicious drink that you can use in your smoothies, cereals, and soups. You won’t want to go without these. Make sure you find one that is water proof, easy to clean, effective at catching all the pulp, and one that is easy to use.

Nutritional Line of Products

We carry a product line that we believe to be the most complete nutrition we’ve ever seen. The line is called Youngevity, and was developed by Dr. Wallach to help such ailments as arthritis, diabetes, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, cancer, insomnia, fatigue, and much much more. We have had more success with this line than anything else we’ve ever used. Try it today and see the difference you feel when your body has all the essential nutrients it requires on a daily basis. We’re so confident you’ll love it, that we offer a 30 money back guarantee!!!

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