To Cleanse or Not to Cleanse

Almost daily people are searching the internet feverishly for the latest and greatest cleanse. For whatever benefits they’ve heard. Maybe it’s for digestive issues, maybe it’s for skin conditions, or weight loss. Maybe it’s for a sense of well being or to take stress off the digestive system. What ever the reason, the word “cleanse” has become a well sought after topic in this day and age. From the master cleanse, to colon cleanse, water fasting, and juice fasting, oh ya, and don’t forget enemas. People are on the look out for the latest and greatest that will address any and every ailment they might be feeling. Too often an alternative approach to health leads to a cure all mentality. Because we’ve been exposed and inundated with a western medical approach, that one pill will cure all our woes, we carry that in to our search for one modality being the end all.

First of all, lets determine what we mean by cleanse. Doing 1-3 colonics is not cleansing. It’s when you make restrictive dietary changes, coupled with herbal supplementation, and other detox modalities over a period of time. A person can come in for 1 colonic and not make any dietary changes, and this doesn’t necessarily mean they are cleansing. Every one is so different based on the condition of their system, the strength of their colon and eliminative organs.

I can’t tell you or count how many times a client has genuinely believed that one colon hydro therapy session would cure their constipation or medical condition. Or how many times they believed 3 sessions would reverse years of abuse through poor diet, lifestyle habits, and other drugs. Unfortunately this is not the case. Not to say we haven’t seen miracle cases where a person has a miraculous testimonial after one visit. But the important point I’m trying to get across here is that sometimes, often times, cleansing can be a danger to the body more than it can a help. What do I mean by this? Let me explain.

The Body Requires Energy to Heal

The body requires energy to heal. When it is in a weakened state, it could be extremely harmful to put it through a grueling restrictive cleanse. The problem is, everyday there’s a new article on if you’re sick or suffering health wise, then you need to cleanse. From our experience this is not the case at all. The first step is to make sure the body has the energy to not only cleanse but heal. You should not feel extremely weak, tired and fatigued when you go through a cleanse for longer than 1-3 days. No matter what cleanse a person may chose to do, they need to careful evaluate what condition their bodies are in, as well as do the needed research to determine what is the best approach from their condition.

The number of times we’ve heard people say, “I only feel good when I cleanse” illustrates this perfectly.

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