How to make the most out of your Session/s

If you purchased the 1 session colonic, we recommend the following to maximize your experience. If you’ve done colonics in the past and already know what to expect, then follow the recommendations on the “what to expect” link, or you may use the following directions. The more prepared you are, the better the outcome. If you’ve never done colonics, it’s important that you make sure you prepare your colon through diet and super hydration. You may chose to follow 1 of the 3 following options.

Option 1: For maximum benefit, try a 3 day juice fast, scheduling your session for the last day of the fast. Make sure you break your juice fast with a couple of days of vegetarian eating. Eat primarily fruits and vegetables the 4th day. You may drink as much juice as you’d like. The best is to do fresh squeezed juices. Store bought juices will not elicit the same results. If you do not have a juicer, but have a blender, option 2 may be the better option. A good rule of thumb is 70% vegetable juice to 30% fruit to sweeten. There are some recipes on the recipe link to get you started. Make sure to include water throughout the day as well. Drink roughly 1 gallon of fluids throughout the day. A combination of water and freshly squeezed juices.

Option 2: If you’ve never juiced, or don’t think you can do a 3 day juice feast, try a 3 day blended fast. A blended fast is where you blend everything you eat. This may include a combination of smoothies and soups. With the smoothies, follow the same ratio as juicing. Schedule your colonic on the third day of your blended feast. You may chose to start with some recipes under the recipe section of the website. You don’t have to use just the recipes on this website, but be creative and come up with some of your own combinations.

Option 3: This is a 3 day fruits and vegetable feast. Schedule your session for the third day. For 3 days Drink 1 quart of water per every 30 pounds of body weight. Eat all the fruits and vegetable you desire. Raw or cooked. You may also add some nut milks such as Almond, or Hazelnut. Recipes for nut milk are on the recipe pages.

By following one of the 3 options, you will get the most out of your one session. You need to prepare your system, as one session can be unpredictable in terms of results and experience. Let us know if you have further questions.

For those who purchased the series of 3. Chose an option above only extend yours to a seven day cleanse rather than a 3 day. Schedule 3 sessions over a 7-8 day period. Your first 12-24 sessions can be done close together as each session builds on the next. Water from one session will help to soften material for the next session. If you wait too long, the water gets reabsorbed. If you need to do them once a week for three weeks, follow a clean whole foods diet. Eliminate sugar, dairy and only have meat 2-3 times a week. Meat and dairy have no fiber, so often times it rots in our systems before it makes it out of the system. Try other sources of protein such as beans, or a rice protein powder. Drink lots of water, making it the primary source of fluids. No soda, coffee, or store bought fruit juices as they are dehydrating and full of hidden sugar. Let us know if you have any further questions that can help make your experience one you’ll want to try again.

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