Changing The Shape Of Your Colon Through Colonics

This section of the book is from the”How and When to Be Your OwnDoctor”book, by Dr. Isabelle A. Moser with Steve Solomon, published in1997.

Colon Cleansing: The Repugnant Bowel

I don’t know why, but people of our culture have a deep-seated reluctanceto relate to the colon or it’s functions. People don’t want to think about thecolon or personally get involved with it by giving themselves enemas or colonics. They become deeply embarrassed at having someone else do itfor them. People are also shy about farts, and most Americans have ahard time not smiling or reacting in some way when someone in their presence breaks wind, although the polite amongst us pretend that wedidn’t notice. Comedians usually succeed in getting a laugh out of anaudience when they come up with a fart or make reference to some other bowel function. People don’t react the same way to urinary functions or discharges, although these also may have an unpleasant odor andoriginate from the same “private” area.

When I first mention to clients that they need a minimum of 12 colonics or many more enemas than 12 during a fasting or cleansing program they areinevitably shocked. To most it seems that no one in their right mind wouldrecommend such a treatment, and that I must certainly be motivated bygreed or some kind of a psychological quirk. Then I routinely show themreproductions of X-rays of the large intestine showing obvious loss of normal structure and function resulting from a combination of constipation,the effects of gravity, poor abdominal muscle tone, emotional stress, andpoor diet. In the average colon more than 50% of the hastrum (musclesthat impel fecal matter through the organ) are dysfunctional due to loss of tone caused by impaction of fecal matter and/or constriction of the largeintestine secondary to stress (holding muscular tension in the abdominalarea) and straining during bowel movement.

A Typical Diseased Colon

The average person also has a prolapsed (sagging) transverse colon, and a distorted misplaced ascending and descending colon. I took a course incolon therapy before purchasing my first colonic machine. Thechiropractor teaching the class required all of his patients scheduled for colonics to takea barium enema followed by an X-ray of their large intestine prior to havingcolonics and then make subsequent X-rays after each series of 12colonics. Most of his patients experienced so much immediate relief theyvoluntarily took at least four complete series, or 48 colonics, before their X-rays began to look normal in terms of structure. It also took about the samenumber, 48 colonics, for the patients to notice a significant improvement inthe function of the colon. In reviewing over 10,000 X-rays taken at his clinicprior to starting colonics, the chiropractor had seen only two normal colon X-rays and these were from farm boys who grew upeatingsimple foodsfrom the garden and doing lots of hard work.

The X-rays showed that it took a minimum of 12 colon treatments to bringabout a minimal but observable change in the structure of the colon in thedesired direction, and for the patient to begin to notice that bowel functionwas improving, plus the fact that they started to feel better.

A Healthy Colon

From my point of view the most amazing part of this whole experience wasthat the chiropractor did not recommend any dietary changes whatsoever.His patients were achieving great success from colonics alone. I hadthought dietary changes would be necessary to avoid having the samedismal bowel condition return. I still think colonics are far more effective if people are on a cleansing diet too. However, I was delighted to see thepotential for helping peoplethrough colonics.For me, the most interesting part of this colonic school was that Ipersonally was required to have my own barium enema and X-ray. I wasprivately certain that mine would look normal, because after all, I had beenon a rawfooddiet for six years, and done considerable amount of fasting,all of which was reputed to repair a civilized colon. Much to my surprise mycolon looked just as mangled and dysfunctional as everyone else’s’, onlysomewhat worse because it had a loop in the descending colon similar to acursive letter “e” which doctors call a volvulus. Surgeons like to cut volvululii out because they frequently cause bowel obstructions. It seemedquite unfair. All those other people with lousy looking colons had beeneating the average American diet their whole life, but I had been so ‘pure!’

On further reflection I remembered that I had a tendency towardconstipation all through my childhood and young adulthood, and thatduring my two pregnancies the pressure of the fetus on an alreadyconstipated bowel had made it worse resulting in the distorted structureseen in the X-ray. This experience made it very clear that fasting,cleansingdiets, and corrected diet would not reverse damage alreadydone. Proper diet and fasting would however, prevent the condition of thecolon from getting any worse than it already was.

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