What Are Colonics?

Colonics, other wise known as colon hydrotherapy, are gaining more and more popularity for their overall benefits on ones overall health. One of the main reasons that people look in to colon hydrotherapy is for digestive discomfort. Even though this may be a starting point, many realize quickly that there are a whole host of benefits other than digestive. More and more are having digestive issues at a younger and younger age, and are looking to cleansing the body to assist them, which colon hydrotherapy is a great addition to any cleanse.

Let’s first talk about what colonics are. Colon Hydrotherapy is a method of gently cleansing the large intestine or the colon. With that said, those of you who believe that one session will change your life, need to read further on. One session is a beginning, but if you have any outstanding health issues or have never done colonics before, you are looking at a minimum of 9-12 sessions. Many times more to achieve optimum results. You have to realize, you are trying to address YEARS of abuse. And one session will not reverse this damage. It is not just cleaning out that needs help, it is rebuilding and toning the muscle as well, and this does not happen in a 40 minute session. Be patient. This organ is approximately 5 feet in length and is separated from the small intestine by a one way valve. A colonic can NOT reach any other organ directly except the colon. It does although indirectly affect every single system in the body. Hence, the importance to address the colon any time you do a cleanse or make significant dietary changes is paramount. To directly cleanse the other organs you have to go orally. During a session, you are not only cleansing the colon, you are exercising it and hydrating the body as well. I describe it as going to the gym for your colon. Many people are mislead in thinking that just because you may see pretty pictures of a perfectly shaped colons, it doesn’t mean that’s how every colon is shaped. In fact, it’s unfortunate that the majority of colons are stretched out, prolapsed and have weak function. For example, picture a body that is worn out, little muscle mass, and an over all fatigued look. Now picture this body running and jumping and thriving in an active environment. So as this body will struggle to accomplish certain tasks, so does a weakened, stretched out colon that has been negatively affected by the years of abuse through diet and lifestyle. As you continue with your sessions, you will not only strengthen the colon, but your sessions will get easier and easier. You will find that rather than dreading your sessions, you will start looking forward to them, as you will feel better when you leave then when you start. Your results are very much dependent on your preparation, beginning strength of the colon and diet and lifestyle. For an amazing article on how colon hydrotherapy can reshape the colon click here

Open and Closed Colonic

As you do your research you’ll come to find that there are two different types of Colonic Irrigation systems. One is called a closed system, and the other is called an open system. I am an advocate for both systems and have found that it is a preference on which system you choose to use. I have an open system and therefore will be making reference to that system because it is what I am most familiar with. The major differences that I see between the two systems are the following. On the closed system, the therapist is the one who controls the water, based on a pressure gage, as well as knobs which allows the therapist to help the client fill with water and then when ready, the therapist will use another knob to release the water from the client. The tube that is inserted splits off in to two different tubes. One is for the insertion of water and the other expels waste. On an open system, the tube that is inserted is about the size of your pinky and is inserted roughly 2-3 inches. The tube is there to insert water only. Nothing actually comes through the tube. Everything that comes out of the client comes out around the tube. The tube remains there the entire session and scoots over on its own when fecal matter is released. The client has total control over the amount of water they hold and when they release. Both systems, if they are class 2 medical devices, allow the same amount of water pressure during your session. One is not more effective than the other regarding this issue. As you go about finding a therapist make sure you ask questions and become familiar with the differences. As stated previously, I have found that it is a matter of preferance on which system one decideds to go with. It might be smart to experience both to get a feel for each system. But keep in mind, you can never get an accurate experience out of one session. Give it a chance. Now on to why colonics are important.

There’s an Order to Cleansing

With that said, there is an order to cleansing, and through this website, you’ll find out how and when is best to cleanse. The colon is the first place you want to start with any cleanse. It is your main organ of elimination and is the place where everything else goes to be eliminated. There are 4 major eliminative organs; Colon, kidneys, Lungs, Skin and 2 secondary; Lymph and Liver. And because the colon has such a heavy job to preform, cleansing it will relieve pressure off of the other eliminative organs. While you are cleansing, you will want to also pay attention to the other eliminative organs. Making sure you sweat every day through the skin, deep breathing to clear the lungs, and lots of fluids to flush the kidneys.

Often times people will go to the health food store and grab a liver cleanse or a kidney cleanse or some type of fiber which they have no idea the quality of ingredients in it and where they came from. They begin taking the product and start feeling sicker than when they first started the product. This happens because their bodies begin to release internally quicker than they can eliminate it externally. It can also be from the quality of ingredients, bioavailability or fillers they are reacting to. That toxicity is then carried down to the colon to be eliminated. Since the colon was not addressed to the extent it needed to be to begin with, the toxins begin to circulate the body because they can’t make it out the colon quick enough. When this happens, people tend to get many detox symptoms that are extremely unfavorable.

In any cleansing program the colon is the first and most important organ to pay attention to. Whether it is a 3 day juice fast you’re doing, or transitioning to a cleaner diet, the colon is critical to pay attention to. It is our second brain, the hub of our whole body health. Colonics help to relieve the body of large amounts of toxicity at any given time. What doesn’t make it out the colon will put more stress on the other eliminative organs. Make sure you are prepared before you embark on this path. The more hydrated the intestinal tract, the more effective the out come of your sessions.

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