What To Expect From Colon Hydrotherapy

Many first timers that come in are misinformed when it comes to expectations and results. Many aren’t aware that colonics are there to enhance whatever else they are doing rather than being the end all. Often times first timers are under the impression that they are going to view consistent streams of waste during their first full session and are sorely disappointed when this doesn’t occur. The colon, like any other muscle, takes time to strengthen and tone. Over time your results improve and become more effective. Just like going to the gym, you wouldn’t expect instant weight loss or muscle definition from visiting the gym one time. If anything, it is opposite. Your first work out you are usually sore and fatigued. It takes a while to recover, more so than when your body is stronger. Sometimes you think that you never want to go back. In any healing process, the body usually gets worse before it gets better. If you are an individual who is not planning on making any dietary changes and are just wanting to go in for one session, make sure you know what you are getting in to. If I knew someone who was coming in not planning on making any changes to their diet and lifestyle and they were expecting certain problems to be alleviated during one colon therapy session, I would say it would be a waste of their time and money.

What Can I Expect During My Session

Your first 1-4 sessions are the most uncomfortable. You may leaving feeling worse than when you came in. You may be more tired, and a bit nauseous. During your session, you may have detox symptoms like cramping, nausea, lightheadedness, chills, flu like symptoms, and your legs or hands may shake. All these are part of the detox process. It is not the colonic that is causing all this, but rather a toxic body. Just like a drug addict coming off drugs goes through a detox, so does a body coming off refined foods, otc drugs, prescriptions medications, pop, sugar, high amounts of meat, packaged and fast food. If your system was clean, hydrated, and strong, you would experience minimal discomfort, and you would release consistently throughout your session. The worse condition the intestinal tract is in, the more discomfort you will have and the less you will release. With out fail, many people think that if they come in to do a colonic and they don’t release much, that must mean they are clean. It is actually opposite. It means they are dehydrated, and may have a severely congested system. Do not begin doing colonics with the expectation to see quick, immediate, long lasting results. The expectation should be to assist your body in the healing process by taking stress off an organ that takes a lot of abuse. I will say this many times throughout this website, it is a process, not an event. It takes time to heal and see results. Colonics are an addition to healthy eating and healthy lifestyle changes.

We have grown up in a society that promotes a magic pill approach. An approach that is obviously killing us and doing us more harm than good. We want instant gratification and that is why so many companies market to those who are willing to spend high dollar for those instant results. This approach has lowered the value we put in our bodies and our health. For those of you looking for information on colon therapy, and who are wanting to try it, make sure you have a plan. Make sure you get the most out of your sessions that you can. If you’ve never done a good series, it is recommended that you do a minimum of 9-12 to start out with. This is years of toxicity we’re talking about and it will take time to soften and loosen things up. Talk to your colon therapist about different options out there and different programs that will help you achieve your desired results.

One approach is to research a cleanse that incorporates colonics. Your therapist should have different books that they could recommend that talk about this. Increase your water intake as well as your fruits and vegetables during this time. More advice will be given once a consultation is made to determine according to each individual the best approach. The key is to do your research, prepare yourself, make sure you feel comfortable with your colon therapist and take the leap of faith that you’ve been wanting to take. Your health is an investment, and it’s the best investment you’ll ever make. You have one body, and it is the greatest gift you will ever receive in your lifetime.

How To Best Prepare 

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