A quick survey to develop a plan and determine where to start

Two of the most common question we get asked here at Whole Body Cleansing is how many sessions do I need? How do I know if I need a colonic? or What kind of cleanse should I do? The following questions will help you determine where to begin and how intense of a protocol is right for you.

We feel that the program for each individual is often times based on 4 factors:

  • Time – How much time does a person have to dedicate towards what they want to achieve?
  • Finances: Are they prepared to sacrifice financially to get to where they want to get?
  • Current level of health?
  • How dedicated are you to achieving the outcome?

The following survey will help you determine where you are at and what you are willing to do to get there.

The following questions will help you determine what level you are at. This approach will help you take the most advantage of what you put in. Each question has it’s own point value grading scale, so, make sure you read each questions carefully.

How bad do you feel both physically and emotionally?

Evaluate all the symptoms you are having from fatigue, hormonal imbalance, high cholesterol, to hair loss, weight gain or loss, to digestive issues and more. 10 being, I am at rock bottom, to 1 being, I don’t have any health issues I can think of?

How ready are you to change your response to#1?

1 being, not very ready and 10 being, I’ll do whatever it takes?

How familiar are you with cleansing?

1 being, not at all familiar, to 10 being, I’ve done many cleanses, and am familiar with a variety of cleansing approaches.

What category would you put your self when it comes to cleansing?

A. Beginner: The longest cleanse I’ve done is no more than 3 days, or I found a product on line or at the health food store which I took? 1 being never done a cleanse, 3 being I’ve done a short cleanse before

B. I’ve done cleanses before but have never worked with anyone who has guided me through a cleanse. I’ve just done them on my own or ordered them on line or from a health food store. 4 being I’ve done more than 1 cleanse before, 7 being I’m familiar with cleansing, but have never worked with anyone before.

C. I’m very familiar with cleansing. I’ve done multiple cleanses both using products as well as major dietary changes. I’ve done juice fasts, as well as water fasts, and have also done cleanses where I’ve used products and colonics to. 8 being, I’m very familiar with cleansing, I’ve used products and 10 being, I would consider myself an expert on cleansing.

Are you dealing with any diagnosed/ self diagnosed challenges that are affecting your quality of life?

1 being, I am extremely healthy with no apparent health challenges, to 10 being, I am desperate to finding an answer to my health challenges.

How much of a factor do time and finances play in to you moving forward with whatever it takes?

1 finances are a HUGE factor to 10 being, Finances don’t matter, and I am desperate and willing to do what ever it takes to get better.

Do you REALLY want to feel better?

1 being yes, but I’m not sure if I will do what it takes, to 10 being, I will do what ever it takes.

If you really knew what to do, would you be willing to sacrifice certain luxuries to get there?

1 being, no, to 10 being I will make whatever necessary sacrifices.

How much would you be willing to spend to improve your health.

Chose a number for the following

A. $300-$500 3 points

B. $500-$1,500 6 points

C. $2000-$10,000 10 points.

Beginning: 6-24

Intermediate: 25-50

Advanced: 51-90

A beginner would be looking at a 3-5 day cleanse (Example 3-6 colonics)
Intermediate 7-10 day cleanse (Example, colonics, with liver cleanse)
Advanced 21 day cleanse (9-12 colonics with juicing and liver cleansing)

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