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Stop right here! Your search is over!

Stop right here! Your search is over. My name is Rob and I am telling you that this is the right place. After my second session (two days back-to-back) I seriously lost 11lbs. That is not the best part, because I am already a pretty fit guy. What I noticed most is that the puffiness around my face is gone (my wife noticed this too), my joints feel better and I have more energy. I had resigned my aches and pains up to “I’m just getting older”. Mia’s place is clean, neat, oragnized and welcoming. The best part, IT’S TOTALLY PRIVATE! For someone who didn’t know a thing to start with, I was completely comfortable. If you are still thinking of taking your game elsewhere, you need to know that Mia’s place is unique. That I know of, there is not another one like it in Utah. I was visiting my doctor, who you may have all seen on the local news before, and told him that I was having bowel problems. To my astonishment he not only knew Mia. He and his wife had been to her. He told me to continue going and said she was great. If you are comparing colon therapists on price$ alone, don’t. This is your body you are taking care of. Whole Body Cleansing is very affordable. Mia knows from first hand experiece what you need. Do yourself a favor and listen to everything she says. I’m glad I did. Veritas!


My daughter was 9 months old and I still looked like I was pregnants

My daughter was 9 months old and I still looked like I was pregnants. I went from 165 lbs on my wedding day to 230 lbs 3 years later. I tried many different diets until I realized, loosing weight is one thing, being healthy is another. My journey began and I found my self learning more and more about how the body works and how food can be healing. I discovered a new me, who I was and a new purpose in life. I realized that this body is not mine alone, but a gift from God and I needed to treat it as such. Life was great, then out of no where, gallbladder attack out of no where. And it was a painful one at that. In the end, my doctor wanted to take it out, but I did not. I nearly came close to just doing it, but then a friend recommended another way, cleansing! I approached the situation unsure of what to think, but then I walked away with a feeling of peace, I knew what to do.

After 4 series of cleanses and seeing many stones I walked away feeling better than ever. I needed to treat my body right, and what is right? For me, an amazing feeling of health and strength, a smile with a glow for all to see. Never bloated and feeling blah, as if you could stand on top of the world and yell, Food Is Healing!!!


I Lost 26 Pounds in 10 days!

I Lost 26 Pounds in 10 days! I’m a 40 year old guy that never thought I would do this. I came in with a different attitude then what I left with. When I first came in, I thought, “I don’t want to do this, but my brother talked me in to it so I tried it.” When I first came in I was expecting the worse. But, after the first session, I could already feel the difference. I noticed I was more regular and didn’t have to strain after just one session. I felt lighter, and my stomach began disappearing. After only 6 sessions and major dietary changes, I lost 26 pounds. This has been a life changing experience. After 2 sessions, I didn’t go to the gym for 3 days. The first day back to the gym, I was shocked at the increased amount of energy I had. I move quicker, more energy, I feel like I did when I was a teenager. I can really feel the difference, I feel good, and will be doing this for the rest of my life.


Read the entire story, it’s amazing!!!

I Felt Like Dying Before I Started Doing Colonics, I’m a New Person

Read the entire story, it’s amazing!!!

Most people give up on colonics when it gets painful or nauseating but I am here to tell you to stick it out. That pain and nausea is not hurting your body. It is helping.There is no way on this earth that I could have eliminated what came out of me through the 3/4″ tube of a closed system. I was fortunate to have found Mia at Whole Body Cleansing, and the Open LIBBE Colon Hydrotherapy system.

I had been severely constipated for over 10 years and became quit impacted this year. I developed IBS and a very slow peristalsis after an injury that damaged my Vegas Nerve in 1991. I have been on several supplements to assist with bowel elimination but year by year they become less effective. I also became unable to digest food and nearly all foods were toxic to my body and I would develop infections within hours of eating. For the past 5 years I have only been able to eat chicken, apples (peeled only. I was ready to die. I was unable to hold down any kind of job. I can’t tell you how many people suggested it was all emotional related. I didn’t believe them because when things were great in my life there was no improvement. I stopped listening to others and started searching for alternative solutions. I tried many things but nothing helped. Then things turned for the worse. February, 2010 my bladder and anal prolapsed. The pain in my gut became unbearable. In March 2010 I ended up at the ER one night scared to death because of the pain and protruding organs. The ER Doctor confirmed that I would need surgery to pull things back in place. Also, at this time I had no bowel sounds thought the stethoscope. An appointment was set for the surgeon. In the meantime I went to my regular doctor. She said that she had read in the Medical Journal that morning that if the bowel obstruction can be removed then we may be able to prevent the anal surgery. I was desperate. They had me on pain pills for the cramping in my gut and medication for the extreme nausea. The doctor started having me do 2 Fleet enemas per day and taking medications to get the stool moving. Two weeks later there were still no bowel sounds and I was getting sicker and sicker. My pre-surgery scope was scheduled April 29th, 2010 so I had two and a half weeks of suffering. I was sure that along with the surgeries for the prolapsed organs they were also going to have to remove impacted bowel. I was seriously ready to die. I thought, “We would never let an animal suffer like this, we would put them out of their misery.” I even asked my mother to go get the shot gun. I was done. I could not continue this way any longer.

I told my mother how I felt and she said, “I think you should try colonics.” She went on to say, “ I don’t believe in colonics, but I think you should try it.”

I had nothing to lose and her idea gave me a slight glimmer of hope. It was late at night so I had to wait until the next morning. I “googled,” ‘Colonics in Orem, Utah,’ and found Mia at the Whole Body Cleanse center for Colon hydrotherapy. I left her a message and she called me right back. I was nervous. I went in to see her and found out that she uses the Libbe Colon Hydrotherapy Open system. I was excited about that because I had been on YouTube learning about colonics and I knew that what I had in me was not going to come out through the ¾” tube of the closed system. I was so sick and weak that I had to be driven to my appointment. I was pleasantly surprised at the comfortable surroundings in Mia’s office. The colonic bed she uses is like a spa bed. It puts you in a discreet and comfortable position. Not lying on your side on a gurney like I had seen in most videos.

By my 5th appointment my energy was starting to climb and was able to drive myself to my colonics appointments. Mia had told me it may take up to 6 appointments. I could feel my stomach soften where the impaction had broken free. Most days I wouldn’t get much out except clear water but I persisted. After the 6th treatment my colon was about half cleaned out because from my sternum to my right sight was tight like a drum and from my sternum to my left side and down my side to my hip had become soft and pliable. We went for 6 more treatments. On the 10th one I got out some really nasty stuff and had so much pain that I had to stop the treatment early. This was on Thursday. Whatever we hit made my whole body sick like I had been poisoned. Mia told me that we hit a “toxic load” releasing built up toxins into my system but that I would be okay. I was extremely sick all day and night. The next day I went for my 11th colonics and the stuff that came out of me would have had to have been surgically removed if it weren’t for my persistence. It was solid, hard and over 2” in diameter. I released stuff the entire treatment. It was like we hit the mother load. The only day I didn’t go do colonics was the second Saturday and Sundays. I went Monday through Friday for two weeks straight. Monday and Tuesday, appointments 13 and 14 were more of the same. I mean tons and tons of stuff. I’m talking about gallons of waste that had been accumulating for years. Around treatment 9, I had asked Mia, “How will I know when I am done? When I am all cleaned out?” She said, “You’ll know. You’ll just know.”

And then, after treatment 14, it happened, I was done. I just knew it. And, my entire abdomen was soft and comfortable for the first time in years. My gut was squishy and pliable and I knew it was over. I could feel it. My colon was no longer impacted and my energy went through the roof. I had so much energy that I could go all day doing things and not get fatigued. Before the colonics, if I used up any energy, I was unable to recover it. Now, I had so much energy and it was automatically recovering!Mia had explained that as my body was cleared of stool I would be able to start tolerating more foods. She explained that as we digest food our makes congestion but since my body is so full of congestion that it is coming out in the form of infections. She was right. I am able to add Strawberries, tomatoes and broccoli to my foods and didn’t get sick from them.

Yes, It took 14 sessions of 45 min each to completely break up my impaction. I went every day except Sunday for 2 1/2 weeks, since I only had 3 weeks before the surgery. I was desperate and willing to do anything.

But, the most exciting news is that my energy shot through the roof. I went from being sick, fatigued and weak for the past 10+ years; to full of energy and able to work full time for the first time. And in just over 2 weeks! It is unbelievable.

Mia told me that most people give up when they get sick or get much pain. But, that is when they most need to be patient, persistent, and continue. Don’t give up, because it is so worth it in the long run. I will continue colonics every couple weeks probably for the rest of my life due to low peristalsis and IBS.

Here is the great finally. I completed colonics on April 27th I went for my pre-surgery scope on April 29th, 2010, and the surgeon was able to tell me that we were not going to be doing surgery. That everything looks really good now. The tissues look good. My bowel sounds were really good. My anal no longer appears to be prolapsed and my bladder has moved half way back in position. I broke into tears and hugged him right there in his office. I cried throughout the day. I couldn’t believe it. I had been so scared because I felt that surgery was ultimately going to make things worse and slowing my peristalsis even more.

Kaye Trasmonte

Candida!!! Whole Body Cleansing’s Program Changed My Life!!!

Candida!!! Whole Body Cleansing’s Program Changed My Life!!!

My story begins in my early 20’s. I started having problems with constipation, chronic runny nose, chronic sore throat, brittle nails, and I had battled acne since an early age. I sought treatment from several doctors for constipation but I wasn’t offered any real solutions to balancing my body. I was diagnosed with a lazy colon by my doctors. Which, I guess is fairly accurate because I had no muscle tone and I felt like there was no life in my colon. My colon didn’t feel like a part of my body anymore. After much searching for answers, I found information on Candidiasis which is an overgrowth of the naturally occurring Candida bacteria in the digestive tract. I knew when I found information on candida overgrowth that I was suffering from it. I tried the Candida diet but results were minimal. I’ve tried every diet out there and the only one that really helped me was an alkaline diet which is part of Mia’s program.

When I first heard of colon hydrotherapy as part of a restorative healing process, I was very uncomfortable with the idea. However, when I became desperate for options I finally tried it. Now, I wish I had tried it earlier so my healing process could have started earlier. I have completed three cleanses of my liver, gall bladder, and small intestine and I felt each one moved me toward better health. It is a nice feeling to know you are helping your vital organs reduce congestion so they can begin to work properly- with no medications I might add!

I would highly recommend colonics and cleanses if you are having any health problems. I have been going to Whole Body Cleansing for about 6 months and I have seen quite a few changes in my health. I no longer have a sore throat or constant runny nose. My nails are starting to thicken and my digestion is on the way to recovery. The texture of my skin is improving all the time. It takes time for the body to heal but it is nature’s way and I have learned to respect nature. I love Mia’s energy and she has a lot of vital information for healing. Her program has really changed my life!!

Midway Utah

I was on my death bed!

I was on my death bed!

I’ve known Mia for a couple of years now. When I first met her I was quite ill. I’d been diagnosed with stage 4 G.I. stromal tumor cancer. I was on Chemotherapy for almost 2 years, trying a variety of different “potions”, I can honestly say that Chemotherapy almost killed me. In April of 08 I found out I was pregnant by a routine CT scan, my Oncologist suggested I abort the baby, my husband and I decided not to. I stopped taking the Chemo that day. My husband started looking into “Alternative options” we had gone the allopathic route and it wasn’t working for us. Someone recommended us to Mia at Whole Body Cleansing. She was very nice, professional and genuinely wanted to help me. I was quite ill, underweight, and sickly looking. I had so much garbage in my body from all of the drugs and chemo that I had been on. After a couple of sessions I began to notice a huge difference. I had more energy, I was sleeping better…I was starting to feel like myself again. I went twice a week for about 6mths, had a healthy baby boy, and continued going to Mias.

In November of 2009 my Oncologist’s started noticing some changes in my CT scans. The next February of 2010 I went in for a PET scan. My Cancer was metabolically active. My Oncologist’s were pushing me to go back on the Chemo. I told my husband No, I didn’t ever want to do that again. From going to Mias I learned about The Body Ecology diet, I decided I was going to completely change my diet and see where that would lead me. I started the diet at the end of February. I can honestly say it was one of the most difficult things I have ever done. I didn’t realize how addicted my body was to sugars, and processed foods. It was hell going thru the cleansing process. I did the diet 100%, and continued doing the colonics which helped so much. In May I was retested. The tumors were still growing, and my Dr’s were increasing there pressure for me to do Chemotherapy. I still insisted that I didn’t want to go that route. My husband and I knew we needed to do something ASAP. We were planning on going out to North Carolina for a treatment, and Mia called me and told me about Dr. Robert Young and The PH Miracle program. I watched a video he had put on his website. I knew this was the route I needed to go. Since that fateful day I’ve thanked Mia a thousand times for introducing him and his protocol into my life. I started his protocol in July and worked closely with Mia for 3 and a half mths. I did a combination of lymphatic massage, exercise, diet, colonics, supplementation, sunshine, infrared sauna, microscopy, just to name a few…five days a week for that period of time. Mia was a huge support to me on my journey, as well as my husband and family. It was a difficult, difficult thing to do but I have a lot to live for. I’ve been so blessed to be able to work with Mia and have the oppurtunity to do Dr. Youngs protocol with her at Whole Body Cleansing. At the end of October 2010 I had another CT scan. My Oncologist said “I don’t know what you are doing, but whatever it is keep doing it because it’s working!” The tumors were stable, they didn’t feel like I needed to start Chemo at that time. What. A. Blessing. I’m continuing on this path of an Alkaline diet, following the protocol. My life has changed for the better. With the help of an amazing healer, thank you Mia.

Sarah O’Gwin

Diabetes, Fatigue, Insomnia

Diabetes, Fatigue, Insomnia
Whole Body Cleansing has given me my quality of life back! I will be forever grateful to Mia and her dedication to helping people heal. I believe without a clean and functioning colon healing cannot be accomplished.

I was born and raised in Germany and grew up eating a lot of bread, meat, and potatoes. Our family didn’t eat a lot of fruit and vegetables. As a teenager I came to the United States as an exchange student. My host family was on the Standard American Diet (SAD). A lot of processed foods, diet sodas, and sugar. Sadly I struggled my whole adult life to conquer the bad eating habits I learned during my high school years.

I had a weak colon since I was a teenager. I suffered from bloating and constant constipation. My doctor diagnosed me with IBS. I also suffered from canker sores, headaches, an average of one to two sinus infections per year, colds, and many years one to two treatments of antibiotics as well.

I got married in 2006 and got pregnant seven months later, which ended in a miscarriage. My health problems started shortly thereafter. I started battling food allergies. I noticed I was extremely sensitive to sugar and gluten, however no medical doctor was able to confirm it. I started suffering from extreme insomnia whenever I ate anything sweet. Both my father and sister have diabetes and I suspected I was suffering from blood sugar problems as well. My doctor didn’t think it was necessary to take the blood glucose tolerance test.

I decided to buy a glucometer in order to check my own blood sugar. The tests confirmed I was suffering from extreme low blood sugars (50 mg/dL and lower). I started reading about hypoglycemia. Trying to respond to drops in blood sugar with sugar only continues the cycle of highs and lows. The main purpose of controlling hypoglycemia with diet is to prevent drops in glucose, not to fix them after the fact. Hypoglycemia is a precursor to diabetes and I know it would have been only a matter of time before I would have been diagnosed with this terrible disease. By the way, insomnia is one of the first symptoms listed with hypoglycemia and the recommended diet is to cut out sugar completely.

The month before I saw Mia my body was exhausted. It took me at least two to three days to recover from food I was allergic to and the insomnia was unbearable.

In September I started a four-month cleanse at Whole Body Cleansing. I only ate liquid or pureed foods and followed Dr. Young’s alkaline diet. I did daily colonics along with daily infra red saunas. The first six weeks were really hard, but then I started feeling absolutely amazing. I actually ate pretty healthy before my cleanse, but started feeling sicker and sicker.

Mia looked at my live blood under a microscope and found that my small intestine was congested. I also didn’t start sweating in the sauna until the fifth week into my cleanse. Mia explained to me that when the organs of elimination (skin and colon) aren’t working properly toxins get stored in the body.

Today I feel absolutely amazing. My insomnia was gone immediately once I started the cleansing process. There is an old saying that goes: “Nothing tastes as good as thin feels” and I disagree. Nothing tastes as good as HEALTHY feels. My blood sugar levels are stable now since I completely cut out sugar. Gone are the insane sugar cravings. Of course I have had to make permanent lifestyle changes, but I would never want to go back. Another benefit has been my overall health–no more colds, sinus infections, or headaches.

I couldn’t have done it without Mia. She spent so much time educating and supporting me. I highly recommend Mia’s program to anyone who wants to live a healthier more productive life.


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