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I have arthritis and fibromyalgia

I have arthritis and fibromyalgia. The traditional doctors predicted that I would be in a wheelchair by now. I also had meningitis, which had affected my vision and balance. I would fall frequently, resulting in dislocated joints and broken bones. Since I have started taking the Youngevity products, I haven’t fallen once. My vision is back to normal. My arthritis and fibromyalgia are so much better. I’m able to have a regular life again. I had dreamed of having my own business for years. Through Youngevity I have been able to have this business and improve my health as well.

Nancy Bollinger

The medical industry for anything more than “Repair Work”

I have no real health challenges and I want to keep it that way. I lost both my parents to medical negligence in the last year and a half. So I won’t depend on the medical industry for anything more than “Repair Work” (trauma repair).

Randy Bollinger

We had a dog and cat that were elderly

We had a dog and cat that were elderly. The cocker was 12 and the cat was 17 years of age. Both did not move around much, and had accidents, which increasingly became more frequent. After mixing Arthy-Dex into their food, within a week we had two animals that moved around, and had accidents eliminated. Their quality of life increased. How much more will the minerals and vitamins help us? With the animals, we saw the change within days. With ourselves, it took longer to see the improvement, but improvement happened.

Ernest W. Culver

Thanks to Youngevity I will never forget again!

I am a 54-year-old truck driver, who thought he was going to have to give up his job because of his health. I had high blood pressure, high cholesterol, I was overweight, arthritis in my feet and bones, and Carpotrummel in my hands. It was so bad that I could not drive some days. I also did not have any energy. I’ve been on the Healthy Start Pack for eight months and now I no longer take blood pressure, cholesterol or arthritis pain medication, and my Carpal tunnel is gone! I also have tons of energy and I feel great every day. I also had hemorrhoids for thirty years, and they were gone in eight weeks. Now my hair color is starting to come back, and I grow hair in my bald spot. I had forgotten what it was like to feel good. Thanks to Youngevity I will never forget again!

James Doan

I had lower back pains for ten years

I had lower back pains for ten years. I had two back surgeries in 96’, and I still had back pain. I tried spa, magnet mattresses and pillow, invert a bar, electronic Rem machine, and other products for relief of pain. I received systematic relief at best. I went on a variety of vitamin programs to help maintain my health. In January 99’ I had open heart surgery 3 by-passes new aortic valve. I continued to have lower back pain. I tried to manage my diet as well. On November 10, I began Dr. Wallach’s Healthy Heart Pack with GlucoGel and in six weeks my lower back pain began to leave, and now I have more than 90% less pain. I have lost 20lbs, and I went off of Blood Pressure Medicine. Numbness of my feet reduced over 50%. Now I am enjoying my health and I am very thankful to God for leading me to Dr. Wallach’s mineral programs, and blessing the mineral progress for health benefits now being enjoyed.

Carol Gerber

I feel it’s helping my well being and health

My husband Carroll Gerber had excellent results from using your minerals. This inspired me to also take the products. I feel it’s helping my well being and health. I’m trying to take it faithfully every day.

Louise Gerber

Heathy blood sugar pack, Resolution PM, Natures Whey

Heathy blood sugar pack, Resolution PM, Natures Whey
Well, I’ve been using the product off and on for about a year now. It did a lot for my conditions. When I go to my doctor, my blood pressure is normal, my sugar level is normal, and my legs and feet don’t swell as much as they did before. I feel so much better, because using the products keep me from wanting sweets and eating a lot of food that’s harmful to my body. Since it has done so well for me, I plan to continue using it forever.

Annie Green

The Healthy Bone And Joint Pack Formula

The Healthy Bone And Joint Pack Formula makes the pains and aches of arthritis go away. I can tell each day if I did not take it. My lower back is much stronger since I’ve been on these products. I started taking the formulas seriously about eight months ago, and I truly can tell a difference.

Loraine Hunter

I started using the Healthy Bone and Joint Pack in December 97

I started using the Healthy Bone and Joint Pack in December 97’. Within three months, I no longer had to hold onto stair banisters going up and down the stairs to support my arthritic knee, and the pain was gone. I had cortical artery surgery in 1989, because my cortices were severely blocked. Eight years later (1997), ultrasound evaluation showed they were again building up blockage to about 40%. I added the Ultimate Daily tablets to my nutritional program in March of 98’. I had another ultrasound evaluation in November 99’. The blockage had greatly reduced. The left cortical was completely open and the right one was only 10%. The product works well for cardiovascular disease!

Roger Hunter

God Bless America…God bless Dr. Wallach!

Classic 1 ½ oz., Rainforest 1 ½ oz., EFA 2, Gluco Gel 4, Selenium 2, OPC-T 2, Osteo fx 2 ounces, Resolution 6-10,
Resolution PM 1 oz., Oxy Body 1 oz.. 3-4x a week, CFX as needed, Sweet Eze 4-6 as needed

I started taking the products while pregnant with my third child, (16 mos. now). I was in and out of the hospital for six weeks prior to her birth. I was put on horrible medication (NO LIE) that increased my blood pressure, and made me incredibly nervous. It gave me headaches, (migraines and cluster headaches), and I was unable to sleep. I was exhausted, irritable, and had a two year old son to take care of, while on strict bed rest at home. Life was difficult to say the least. She was born fine at six weeks early. I was told by my OBGYN that I should not have any more children and should have my “tubes tied.” Over two years later I was pregnant again. I was concerned as my husband desperately wanted more children. For the first 20 weeks everything went great. At 20 weeks I began having pre term labor. I knew where things were heading. We were at a seminar where Dr. Wallach was speaking. We were excited to hear his recommendation. Dr. Wallach indicated that I was needing more calcium. Immediately I added calcium to my classic and minerals. Within 24 hours I had significant improvement. The Dr. was writing prescriptions and I thought I was taking them providing the contractions had begun to subside. I didn’t want to tell him what I thought of his drugs! I stayed out of the hospital until the day he was born, three days early!! I failed to mention that at 12 weeks into my pregnancy, we were told our child had a 98% chance of being born with Down syndrome. We called Total Nutrition who contacted Dr. Wallach who advised we take the full Pig Pak 2x a day. We named our son Noah, because Noah lived to be 958 years old. Most people with “downs” have a shorter life expectancy. We wanted to give him a name with great longevity. Noah was born February 3, 1999, incredibly beautiful and healthier then a horse. No signs of downs or a heart condition. Without Dr. Wallach, I hate to consider what could have been! God Bless America…God bless Dr. Wallach!

Lauren Knievel

Healthy Cone and Joint Pack, Ultimate Daily, Enzymes, Oxy Body

Healthy Cone and Joint Pack, Ultimate Daily, Enzymes, Oxy Body
Prior to starting on the Healthy Start Pack I had severe pain in my shoulders and knees. After ninety days on theHealthy Bone and Joint Pack, I no longer have as severe pain. I can now lift my arms over my head with no problems. I can also walk two to three miles without knee pains and shortness of breath. I notice the difference immediately if I miss the Healthy Bone and Joint Pack for two or three days. I am now trying the OPC-T to lower my cholesterol. I am not going for less than 200. Last results prior to OPC-T were 260. With Triglycerioes of 220.

Ralph Lahrman

Thank you, God, Dr. Wallach, and Youngevity!

My daughter, Alyssa, was born with Cystic Fibrosis. While searching the Internet for possible ways to help her live a longer and healthier life, I came upon Dr. Wallach. After much research about Dr. Wallach’s “claims,” we tried the products, and have been so blessed by the results that I have started to share the Youngevity products with others. The most immediate effect was the Ultimate Enzymes: she used to have at least one major bellyache each day that would have her in tears. These were gone on the second day of Enzyme use, and she has had only two (that were much less intense) in the past two years. Long term results have included increased lung function, better hair growth, no more pain in her ears from loud noises, reversal of some scar tissue growth in her lungs, and more. She takes the Healthy Start Pack twice a day with extra Calcium, OPC-T, Selenium, and Oxy Aloe. Thank you, God, Dr. Wallach, and Youngevity!

Cathy Laird

Healthy Start Pack, Selenium, Enzymes, OPC-T, Sweet Eze

Healthy Start Pack, Selenium, Enzymes, OPC-T, Sweet Eze
After attending Dr. Wallach’s seminar on February 1999 at C. Bola High (Arizona), I decided to once again try something for arthritis (lower back), severe acid reflux, hypoglycemia, and fibromyalgia. I’m happy to say I’ve noticed a definite improvement in my health problems and more energy.

Connie Lofstrom

Arthry-Dex for my dogs, numerous others for myself

Arthry-Dex for my dogs, numerous others for myself
Arthry-Dex, can be credited with giving my twelve year old dachshund a renewed physically active life. He had been diagnosed as arthritic over a year ago. His pain was so bad on some days that he cried to be put on the couch or bed, then whined to be put down. After three months on arthry-dex, he began moving more freely. Although he still asked for help off the bed, he jumped up any time he wanted to. He now has full run of the house, and gets up and down at will. He also runs and plays with Mulan, my two year old Pekinese. I can honestly say that arthry-dex has given him the same benefits that many others and I have received from Youngevity’s Phenomenal Products.

Ann C. McFarland

Healthy Brain and Heart Pack, Selenium, Gluco Gel

Healthy Brain and Heart Pack, Selenium, Gluco Gel

I used to have asthma, hay fever, enlarged prostate, high blood pressure, gray hair, and irregular sleeping habits, lack of energy, chronic back problems, and receding gums. 80% of these problems have gone away totally or subsided drastically in one year’s time by taking Youngevity products. I fully expect the other 20% will go away in the near future. Medical doctors helped me very little or not all with these problems. I spent thousands of dollars in the last thirty years time.

Daniel T. Minear

Healthy Start Pack

Healthy Start Pack

Before I started the Healthy Start Pack, I was 70 lbs. overweight, and I had high blood pressure. I also have severe scoliosis. In July 2000, with my weight and back pain, I was hardly getting out of bed. I went to work and that was it. I was taking pain, blood, and migraine medications. My dad asked me to listen to this tape, and it took me awhile to listen to it. However, when I did I was shocked. I started the Pig Pack in late August 2000. I was filling the papers out for disability, and I was thinking of surgery. Well, it has been seven months and I have a new life. I have lost 58 lbs. and the pain in my back is gone. I am not on any medication now. I’m so thankful, because now I’m starting my life with my husband and my children. Thanks to Dr. Wallach and my dad for finding these products!

Terri Mooney

Healthy Start Pack, Extra Osteo Fx Plus, Enzymes, Rainforest

Healthy Start Pack, Extra Osteo Fx Plus, Enzymes, Rainforest
I started using the products about nine years ago. I was very concerned about Alzheimer’s disease. It was a family history disease. I listened to Dr. Wallach’s broadcast, and I was very interested in what he had to say. I listened for four months and then I decided to try the products. I had leg cramps, numbness in my arms and fingertips, and bad allergies. Which was all of the early warning signs of osteoporosis. I also worked out. I had pica, craved sweets, and my energy level was low. After using the products a couple of days, I noticed my energy level was great. I did not crave sweets any more. After about two to three months I noticed the numbness in my fingers and arms did not exist. After about six months I started using rainforest and enzymes, and my allergies practically disappeared. I am thoroughly pleased with these products. I will not be without them. Thank God for Dr. Wallach and Youngevity.

Debra Morman

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